About Us

We are #Right2Speakā€¦ a group of women who seek to serve as a gracious counter-balance to the extremist voices attempting to represent women in the media. We seek to counteract the angry, extreme liberal voice in the mainstream media and on social media on matters of policy and personal freedoms. Their messages do not represent all women and their bullying tactics do not work on us -- our story, our voice must be heard.

The founding purpose of RIGHT2SPEAK.org is to have a constructive response, filling the vacuum of the female protestors that were commanding the bulk of airtime and undermining our democracy in winter 2017. While these women insist on protesting and resisting, the majority of women in the real world are working and keeping their families safe.

On March 8, 2017, we proved this with our successful launch earning $2.7M in traditional media along with a 25% share of conversation (consistent with celebrity level following) on Twitter for #WeShowUp. Today we continue to exercise our right to speak so that we can bring our nation back together with a Common Sense - Common Ground agenda.