Debt Reduction


The national debt is always a heated subject with most Americans favoring debt reduction while questioning how it can really be accomplished. The president said it is his priority to reduce the US debt and also eliminate deficit spending.

The budget released on March 15 titled “A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again” is a proposal that covers part of the federal budget. The full budget is due in May. Current items in the national budget include $1.5 billion for the detention and removal of illegal aliens, as well as $2.6 billion to build the wall across the Mexican border.

Defense spending is of concern to some Americans who believe that this will take us further into debt. Of course there is a fine balance that must be achieved to accomplish a deficit-neutral outcome. The budget must also address items such as new tax policies, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. What do you want to see with reducing the national debt?

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