The great equalizer in a democracy is education. The knowledge and discipline education provides is the rocket fuel that launches childhood dreams into a reality. With the United States ranking 16th in math in the world and with critical thinking skills constantly under threat from digital distractions, even the most privledged American children face disadvantages. The odds are far worse for poor children forced to attend failing schools in areas with little economic opportunity. For the nation that pioneered education for students of all backgrounds, we are facing educational inequities that further divide our nation while shortchange young minds craving knowledge.

We have parents tell us they pray for better opportunities for their children and teachers that share profound frustrations dealing with limited resources. Homeowners voice fatigue with mounting property tax bills that are supposed to fund public schools. The stakes are getting more serious by the day.

School choice, school vouchers, increased funding for public schools, teacher pay increases, merit pay, grade schools? What are the successes you are seeing in education? What have you seen utterly fail? How do we go to making A’s everywhere in America?

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