Electoral College

After the 2016 election, Democrats across the nation have declared an outright war on one of the most fundamental tenets of our nation: the Electoral College. Our Founding Fathers had the foresight to institute a system of checks and balances that would prevent heavily-populated urban areas from being the sole deciders in determining who would lead this great nation.

In constructing the Electoral College, they guaranteed that all states would have a fair say in who would serve as president- not just those with large urban centers. Smaller, rural areas have just as much right to determine the direction of our country, and the Electoral College guarantees a fair and honest approach to making sure all voices are heard. 

We support an adherence to the Constitution and respect the approach our Founding Fathers implemented centuries ago. We should not let the voices of a few disgruntled voters unravel one of the most fundamental protections in our democratic system.