Energy Innovation


To stay ahead in the world, energy innovation is key for the future of the U.S. Clean energy is a booming industry in sectors such as solar and wind. Republicans have voiced their commitment to supporting clean energy programs, but the budget may not allow for expansions in innovation. We will see how he addresses energy innovation into his presidency. Certainly, this is yet another way to create jobs.

The U.S. is currently still behind in the global participation of clean energy technologies. In 2016 the U.S. invested $58 billion in clean energy, while China spent $287 billion, according to a Bloomberg New Energy Finance study.

Using a conservative approach to the Current Labor Statistics of  The Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 2 million people are employed directly by oil, gas and coal companies as of the end of May 2014. This does not even begin to factor in all the indirect jobs related to the fossil fuel industry. With this many jobs at stake along with the welfare of their surrounding communities, what can be done to make the most of the reality that fossil fuels drive so much of our economy?

We do not know how the current administration will prioritize energy innovation. What are your thoughts on sustainable energy for future generations? What do you want to see happen with energy innovation and U.S. spending on these programs?

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