With the passage of Obamacare, healthcare took front-and-center on the political debate stage. Dozens of Democrats lost their congressional seats over the legislation while Republicans vowed to repeal it once in office. Today, neither side has attained the outcome they were hoping for and there has yet to be a cohesive policy on this polarizing issue. Premiums continue to go up and state Medicaid programs are more strained when people cannot find affordable health insurance.

From “Super Users,” the 5% of people that account to more than 50% of healthcare costs, to those who object to tax-payer funded abortion coverage, such as The Sisters of the Poor, financial and ethical problems make this one of the most difficult debates of our time.

While politicians seem to be stuck on stalemate, there are innovators across our nation that are making healthcare work in spite of the times. We hear from nurses that care for patients at the end-of-life who tell us they give care to all who seek it yet they are essentially silenced from sharing their views on the healthcare debate because they don’t believe in free care for all no matter what. We hear from Moms who avoid going to the doctor because their premiums are too high and they only have one healthcare plan to choose in their county. These are all problems that deserve a solution.

You are part of that solution. When you exercise your Right2Speak by sharing your real-world experiences, our nation benefits. Your voice can help shame the debate. What are experiences with healthcare that our leaders should know about? What common sense solutions do you see based on your experiences? We welcome your thoughtful and collaborative insights that can help turn this partisan breakdown into a shared solution.

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